Supplements for players – CBD oil among the most popular supplements for players

Supplements for players – CBD oil among the most popular supplements for players

Problems with concentration of attention. Problems with concentration and concentration in children are a sign of our time. Children who are hyperactive and unable to focus their attention are more and more often. They don’t even like to try and learning progress is far behind skills. Impaired concentration is the most common difficulty in the teaching process. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of children who, as a result of attention deficit disorder, have been referred to internists, pediatricians or psychologists. Many aspects affect concentration and attention, including the child’s behavior, personality, relationship with the environment and school conditions. So what is focus and concentration? The concentration of attention is conscious human action, i.e. the conscious focus of attention on a selected range of activity or a specific phenomenon. An increase in concentration on a particular stimulus is associated with the separation of perception from other phenomena. Improved concentration is seen in the workload and devoting sufficient time to the selected exercise.

Exercise for concentration

The ability to concentrate attention is practicable. Therefore, effort is required on the part of the child, parent and teacher. Examples of exercises that support concentration of attention: lamp-nose-floor, reading stories, tapping the rhythm, drawing geometric figures on the back, letters, searching for details in drawings, mazes, “deaf phone”, board games, chess puzzles, checkers, puzzles and spillikins. From a sporting point of view, CBD oils support physical exercise. From January 1, 2019, cannabidiol (CBD) in the form of oils or pastes is not on the list of doping agents. You can take it legally while practicing amateur or professional sport. Cannabidiol is an organic chemical compound found in cannabis. CBD oils are produced during the extraction of carbon dioxide, which results in “extracting” from hemp the most beneficial compounds for our health, similar to that found in hemp inflorescences. While physical athletes must watch out for the low THC content in full spectrum hemp oils, computer supplements with marginal and legal tetrahydrocannabinol content have basically only benefits. – suplementy dla graczy

What benefits can e-athletes get from taking CBD?

According to various reports, CBD has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, promotes faster regeneration of the musculoskeletal system and wound healing. High-quality CBD oils contain trace amounts (<0.2% allowed concentration of THC in Poland), so they do not cause the “high” effect. Only carefully selected industrial hemp varieties grown in ecological acreage are used for their production. Due to pro-health and even healing properties, CBD oils are used as an agent supporting therapeutic processes. It is used in naturotherapy, natural medicine and during hemp treatments. CBD has a strong regenerating effect, strengthens the immune system and reduces stress. CBD has a wide therapeutic spectrum, including neuroactive by stimulating the nervous system, preventing its degeneration, relaxing it and fighting mental disorders. It has a positive effect on our mind, strengthens concentration and attention, which is very important for athletes and computer players with ambitions for professionalism.

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